Help! My models do not cast any shadows

Hi all,

I am trying to render an animation but I couldn’t figure out why my model is not casting any shadows.

Note that the boat models are .Obj exports from Rhino

Please assist!

I’ve never used Rhino but i know that In bleder shadows can be tweaked if You add light as sunshine or spotlight… You would have to hit Poperties and look below in render tab in GLSL shading mode.

Hi Orion,

First place to check is your lights. Is Cast Shadow on?


Basically to get a shadow you need three things

1 a valid light source

2 an object to cast a shadow

3 an object to receive the shadow

From your Image it looks like the sea and sky are an hdri environment. If you look carefully at the boat it does have a slight shadow on the side that is not facing the sun in the sky.

Hdri’s cast very soft shadows because they emit light from all angles (more from the lighter areas and less from the darker.

An hdri will not cast a shadow in eevee (it will in cycles). In Eevee you have to use lights to get shadows.

If you want the boat to cast a shadow on the hdri forget it, it will not.

An hdri environment emits light, it is not an object and has no geometry therefore it will never receive a shadow.

You can fake a shadow on the water using a plane as a shadow catcher. There are many tutorials for this, if you google «Blender shadow catcher», the method differs depending if you use cycles or eevee.