Help! My referenc images don't line up!?!

I just, and I mean JUST started modelling a Bugatti Veyron and I’ve already hit a huge bump. As you can see in the image below, the empty circled in red is the same throughout the images. It matches up left and right throughout all the images, but it appears way out in front of the side image. Why is that? As you can see circled in blue the height of the top image is the EXACT same as the width of the top image. It makes no sense.

Help is appreciated. If no answer or solution can be found, I will gladly upload the blend or the images and let someone wlse set up the reference images. Thanks.

Ok, problem solved. Sorry, i don’t really know what happened. Earlier I had tried to fine tune the background images settings, with no [good] results. Suddenly, with more fiddling, I got the required results by setting the size of the side image to 11.1. Still, I wonder why? I mean all the images are the same size respectively. Why is scaling necessary? Any of you Blender gurus please enlighten us. This is not the first time this has happened to me.

A good way of avoiding such problems is simply mapping the images to a box and switch on solid tex.

This also allows changing the view of one window without losing the background image.

the problem there is getting the scale correct on the cube.

Make square images, in your case 950x950. It means quite a bit of white areas around your car, but then the scale will be the same for all viewpoints. It is always the width of your image that counts, when Blender reads your images. (This is for ordinary backround images, not for cube-method. I personally prefer ordinary backround images, and it helps if your screen is divided to views that corresponds to keypad NUM-7, NUM-1, NUM-3 locations)