Help: My Sculpting Sucks so Bad :(?

I tried watching Youtube tutorials like Yansculpts and Follygon…

I just can’t get how they make their sculpt look good.

like How do they make the faces smooth and at the same time have sharp edges/transitions like that on the lips, eyes, nose?

Mine looks aweful :frowning:

Any advice or more detailed tutorials? Thanks in advance

I feel you :slight_smile: What I recommend is to try start drawing and use anatomic books as a refference. The start is a hard one for sculpting if you dont have a tutor to tell you where is the problem. Start from very basics, dont even thing about wrinkles or details, just block yout where the jaw goes how the skull should look like under the skin, then add mass. Its all about practise.

  • start simple: don’t go high poly/detailed before you figured out the general shapes. It’s ok even if it doesn’t look smooth in the beginning;

  • don’t rely too much on smooth brush at the start, you might just end up destroying forms. Scrape or Flatten are your friends;

  • reference and practice, of course;

  • 2d tutorials will probably be most helpful: look for explanation on “planes of the head”, for example.

Most importantly: DON’T PANIC =)

Hi there,

To start - this tutorial is really helpful. It’s in Z-Brush, but translates to Blender pretty well. For a beginner, I’d say it might be more of a This is how it’s done kinda deal rather than a follow step by step. Though it’s very helpful, and should give you some pointers in the same way.

A problem you seem to have is that you’re going too dense straight out of the blocks. Don’t do that. Try and keep general shapes and forms loose initially, until you are satisfied, and then you can go up a level of detail. With each pass of detail, you should start to get something that’s more final.

Reference is also super important. A lot of people will say study anatomy, human forms, etc…that all helps, and some very basic knowledge of anatomy will help you. (Just look as some skulls, and see how they are structured for men and women)

The most important skill is actually observation, I’d say. The ability to be able to look at a reference, or a sketch - or whatever - and spot what’s different on your mesh, and apply the necessary changes.

I’d say going from “noob” to sculpting a whole head with perfect form and anatomy is difficult, but not impossible. Just take your time, watch other people sculpt, pick up some of their techniques and steps, and apply that to your own work. It might take 4 hours, it might take 40 - who knows, but you can get there for sure.

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try and be realistic in your own expectations. You’re not going to have perfect results straight away - that’s perfectly fine.

Good luck! :smiley:

Thanks bro. should i use drawing tablet? or will i be fine with mouse?

i’m trying to make something like this?

like stylized characters

Definitely tablet. It gives you more control of the stroke and pressure. Watch some videos how to use sculpt tools. Different sculptor use different method but basically you are good with clay strips, smooth brush and pinch :D. check more sculptors. Yan sculpt is awesome but I woud say very advanced and it can get you feel bad when comparing his sculpt. But it took him years to learn that skill, so just do lots of ugly things. After hundred of bad ones, there will start to be some you start to like.
Watch the basics how to achive some shapes like:

-videos for how to make sharp edges in sculpting.
-How to block out basics head shape in sculpting

Sculpt big! dont bother with small details now.

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The tools are the easy part. Learning about forms, anatomy, and how to read those surface forms based on the underlying structure(bone) is FAR more important if you want to become a sculptor.

Following along with experienced artists on Youtube will teach you very little unless you understand the structure you’re creating. You can copy what they do stroke for stroke, but this is counter-productive in the long run.

This stuff takes a LOT of practice and dedication. Start simple. Don’t get too precious or attached to pieces. Don’t be afraid to regularly throw out and start from scratch. Start simple to avoid frustration.

Learn anatomy and forms. Learn how to REALLY study references. I can’t stress these things enough. It is the key. Good luck.