Help! My skeleton doesn't bend correctly.

In pose mode, when moving the tip of a finger (thereby curling the entire finger), the mesh lags behind the position of the armature. This presents a disturbing conundrum.

To create the arm, I followed the instructions “Rigging a Hard or Foot” in the Blender documentation by beginning at the shoulder. Shoulder -> upArm -> loArm -> hand bone. Then I rigged the three bones of each finger and parented the fingers to the hand.

Is my armature too large and complex? Do I need to divide my large skeletal armature in many small skeletal sub-sections? Does my mesh need to be reduced to many smaller pieces?

The link to the .blend file,, can be right-clicked to save it to your hard drive, as my home page is still under construction…

Any comments or suggestions are most appreciated,


Like to help you but I get “Forbidden” page…

Did you start at the tip of the finger? if so, the first bone you made always rotate the ones after it. if you rotate your shoulder, your bones in your whole arm moves. if you started at the hand and moved out to the finger with your bones, i dunno…

I had this problem before too and there didn’t seem to be any solution except to start again. :frowning:

Can’t get to your blend file, but it sounds like maybe the part of the mesh that is lagging is parented to 2 (or more) bones. So when you move one bone, the mesh deforms towards one bone, but still trys to stay close to the other.

I manually parented all the vertices of my mesh to the finger bones. I understand that the named pieces of mesh deform with the similarly named bones. How could the mesh have two parents?