help my user camera is messed up

Hey guys ! I’ve run into a problem, my user camera somehow went into outer space, if i look through it all i see is gray and the 3d cursor, if i look through cameras that i’ve made the scene is ok, so my questio is how do i reset the user camera

Alt-R, Alt-G and Alt-S will bring it back to it’s original state, but that’ll be at the center of the axises and facing down, so you’d have to re-pose it.

If it is the user camera… try Shift+C or the C key and zoom in. Should work.

rareseu, try this too:
Select your camera (if you can’t find it, use the Outliner window) and press Ctrl+Num0 to make it the active camera.

/ Mats

reseting the transforms worked :smiley: thanks guys, the problem was that i had an empty way out of the camera’s clipping plane range and when i’d hit shift c the camera would go into outer space in an effort to view the whole scene :expressionless: