Help: My Volumetric Lighting is Too Dark, and noisy

Here’s my spotlight settings

I wanted my scene to be bright like the normal render without volumetrics, how much density should i use, if i use too low, the spotlight’s rays can’t be seen

it looks really dark. and noisy but when i add Denoiser in compositor, the flowers at the upper right hand corner look distorted. Please helpp :frowning:

Cycles suck at volumetric rendering, so I’d suggest to either add the effect in compositing or create a duplicate of the scene and do a volume render pass in eevee, which is significantly faster.

thanks for the reply bro. may i ask how do i do that? i’m so noob at render passes i don’t know how to use and combine them

If you switch to Eevee, make sure you activate Volumetric Shadows, otherwise, you won’t see the light passing through it.

Then, in the Layer Properties tab check the Transmittance and Scatter passes, so you can use then separately.

And finally, once you render, just look in the upper right corner of the render window for this dropdown menu, and instead of combined select the volume pass. Save it as an image and then composite it on top of the render in whatever program you’re using (Photoshop, Krita, Gimp, Nuke, etc). Usually setting the layer to screen or add will give you a good result.

There’s a way to do it all inside Blender with the compositor, but the workflow is so convoluted and slow that I always advise against using the compositor. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much bro. i’ll be trying it out.

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