Help! Need fludiism help with samll objects. Save my Project

I’ve attached the blend,
and would like to get fluid into the guy’s mug.
I’ve tried experimentation with grid levels,
500 res simulations with a grid level of 4,
different this and that…
If I scale the mug it works but I can’t scale it as you can see from the scene.
I’ve put lots of time and thought into the scene/animation,
and other than a few tweaks(good draft to perfect) and some animation rework it’s done.

The fludisim needs to be used since it’s what will hopefully “make”(more itneresting,better cooler etc.) the animation when it’s all rendered out.
The materials are Yaf A Ray so don’t think I’m nuts when you see blender’s native materials.

I’m 16,have no formal help/training with anything 3D and want to finish my first project. What I want to get out of it is some sort of feeling of accomplishment since I have, since I was 13 just start projects then drop them since I didn’t know enough to adequately begin or sometimes finish them.

This time around I tried to think fo what I’m good at,
and try to set realsitc expetations.
Other than the fludism(That I’m hoping I can fsh wihtout tons fo time being wasted) I’m dead sure I can finish this project.