Help! Need the stupid simple step by step for making baked UV image maps old school on ver 2.79b

Yes, I’m a luddite so I’ll get that out of the way.

I have not rolled into nodes yet so I am looking (begging) for the b4 nodes stupid simple step by step way to create baked UV image maps to apply to meshes in a game platform (primarily Second Life).

I do not want to ever use photoshop for this as I will go insane. More than I am already.

I am using Blender 2,79b 2018-03-22 version on a macbook air.

I have read & watched so many tutorials and they are confusing and I cannot reproduce the results that they achieve despite following the steps.

So here’s my thing:

I create a mesh.

I have a texture.

I need to create a baked UV image map using my texture to apply the UV image map to the mesh inworld/ingame in Second Life.

Ideally, I will create diffuse, normal and specular UV maps for each mesh object.

Ambient occlusion option…?

Sometimes my mesh will have different materials assigned to different faces for simple texturing inworld.

But for now, I just need to create the baked UV maps for a mesh with one material.

So I need to know why I get borked everytime I get to the baked UV step.

First of all, do I need to config Blender some way that the render bake will create the UV map.? I’ve read something about having to turn on/off certain things. I have no clue what or where these things are.

So with that done…

I have a mesh with modifiers.

I assign it one material.

I have a texture.

What are the specific next steps in order to create baked UV image maps I can save on my computer?

Do I unwrap first or futz with the texture tab first? That’s how much help I need.

I can assure you there are dozens of dorks like me who will build a shrine to whoever can create a step by step foolproof idiot’s guide to successfully creating baked UV maps not using nodes from the first step of opening blender to saving the beautiful UV image maps.

I will name all of my virtual children, pets, etc., after you.

Thank you.

xoxo pixels

throw a bone, man
best you provide your study scene with which anyone willing can make a guide for you

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I think you should put this in the support forums. You can PM me when you do. But there are a lot of people there who can answer you quickly. I don’t have 2.79 installed. But someone will.

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Per your suggestion, I posted in support here.

I posted in the support section here with screenshot.

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