Help ! Need to animate material attributes !

Hello All ! :slight_smile:

I have an animation test going on that i wish i can complete in Blender…

Here is a simple image to show you where i’m at actually :

My problem is :

I want to animate the thing from sunlight to night, and i need to animate some material attributes to achieve the exact look i want ! These attributes are “Emit” and “Ref (from the diffuse panel…)”

The weird thing is that i can see the chanels in the IPO, but whenever i press the “I” key over Emit or Ref, it doesn’t allow me to key these parameters ! What can i do to access these parameters ? Is there a “magic” key ? :confused:

Thanks for reading, and i wish a material Guru will pop up and show me the way to the knowledge ! :wink:

Laurent aka Tartiflette :slight_smile:

Go to the relevent IPO window, select the correct channel (a black box should appear next to it). You should now be able to click on the graph to add points (left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key). If you enter edit mode (IPO-editmode), you should be able to use the NKEY to manipulate the position of each point.

not material animation, but as an option you can consider to render two sequences one day and one night, then cross fade in sequencer.

Oh Yeah !! :cool:

Thanks A LOT ! That made the trick ! And two replies, so fast ! That’s what i call a Community !! :slight_smile:

I’m going to be able to finish this, and when it’ll be done, i’ll make it available for all to play with if they wish !

Laurent aka Tartiflette :slight_smile: