HELP need to animate this

i want to drag the base of the chair, and while dragging i want that the wheels are dragged on the floor and turn around and also turn themselves while i drag the chair.
I have no idea how to do this… help :smiley: drivers or do i need a rig ?

Hi i did this similar rig in c4d Xpresso :
I will try and found out the way to convert to blender.

thats cool, but do you need to animate the turning by hand ? cause i want just to push the base and the wheels turn automatically

Use constraints. Transformation constraint can do this easily.

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The wheels were not animated by hand. I think i did it with constraints like CYNIC78 said. If i can find the file i will try to copy the way i did it.

I totally need an solution, cause consraints dont work. Could you send me your solution cause im totally stuck. Thank you in advanc.

Working on it now, soon as i have a solution i will contact you.

Hey there you can drive the rotation the translation of another using a driver.

  1. Setup driver and driven. I use bones but objects can work too. The wheel will be skinned or parented to the driven bone. So I have a driver bone and driven bone(driver is parent of driven), you can name these however you want but I just named them as is for the explanation.

The wheel is a cube so we can easily see it rotate, feel free to use what you have

2.Change the rotation mode to XYZ Euler, im not sure how to use Quarternion (WXYZ)

  1. Adding the driver.

Right Click and go to add driver on the axis we you want to rotate I’m using the Y axis

Where it is red it is asking for an object to be driven by

So we put the driver bone or whatever object you want, it will be driven in the X location according to world spaces as shown

The " Experssion: " is var+0 by default, simply change it to var (name of the x location variable)

you can adjust he expression to suit you as shown below

var - simply rotate on the given translate
var2 - if you wanna increase the rotation times 2 or any amount you want
var - If you want it to rotate in the opposite direction
-1*(var*2) - of you want to increase rotation and change direction

Wheel_Translate.blend (91.5 KB)

Hope it helps

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Here is a similar setup as Le_Pirate suggested using bones, constraints, and driver:

the blend file: SWIVEL_WHEEL_2.blend (755.2 KB)


@Le_Pirate and @digitvisions

GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH, i did a solution that implies constraining them to the floor with a empty object, but of course they woulndt turn, THIS 2 things SOLVED it! Love you guys! Many many thanks!


Interesting learnt about the transform constraint today thanks to you. I’ve been doing it the hard way :sweat_smile:


i have been doing rigging and animations for over twelve years and i am still learning.