Help neede with watch platen

Hallo Guys, i am working on a watch. But the backplate is giving me some trouble.
I want the `plate to be someting like metalicpaint.

Someting like this. It is like a radial glossy grain . And it Shine s when light falls in.
But these is also a coated top on it.
Perhaps subsurfe scatter


I think an anistropic metal shader would work better.

Yes of course.

I can combine this with a noise texture.

Only… Do you a way to piont the noise out outwards?
So, the noise will be a litlle stipe , but is starting from the middle stretching to the outside.
Like a raidial blur on a noise in photoshop

If the “shiny spokes” is a result from reflecting lights, the noise “creating them” should be radial rather than spiky. Using builtin noise generator to do this is very tricky to avoid the seam since noise can’t be made repeatable over the seam. It can be kind of done (like make it a spiral or blend it, good enough for me), but I’d generally recommend either mapping a radial noise image from the front. Keep it big so you can adjust the density by scaling the mapping.

Point is that anisotropic stretching is always perpendicular to the microscopic scratches causing it. Something like this is what you’re asking for, but I’ve highlighted stuff to modify (set aniso rotation to 0) if you want to set it up how it’s most likely is (except the seam caused by radial generator not repeating). Note that I prefer voronoi over noise for this sort of stuff, as dense noise repeats quite badly imo.