Help needed!!! - Assigning multiple textures to a cube

Hi folks, I’m sure this is a simple solution, but I cannot get my head around it. I’m brand new to Blender and need help on this subject urgently.

I have a simple cube, for which I have assigned a different material ID to each face, allowing me to change the colour/material for each face. This bit I understand.

Next I want to add a seperate texture to each face, to create a dice. I understand I can do this using UV unwrap, but I want to understand applying multpile textures to an object, and the dice example is the easiest way.

Any help from you good folks in the community would be greatly appreciated, as so far the tutorials and books have been pretty vague.:o


Why not do the 6 faces of the cube in separate objects with one texture for each but the same material and then join’em together as one object?

Thanks for your response ptbbastos

I think I understand what you’re saying, i realised one aspect of my original question that I left out. They are 6 individual external textures (JPEG’s)…and ideally, I’d like to try and achieve it by assigning them on the one object. i used to be able to do this in (evil) other applications, but cannot figure it out in Blender. It’s a pretty fundamental way of working, and would like to know how to go about it.

A texure is part of a materials settings. If you have a separate material applied to each face, just add a different texture to each material.

What Richard is saying is true: 1 object with 6 materials, where each material has 1 texture.

But if you really need 1 object with only 1 material and 6 textures in it, you can also go for multiple UV channels. All you need to be carefull about is naming the UV channels correctly and then assign each channel to each texture in the Mapping Coordinates.

I kinda get this, but how do I achieve it in Blender? As in, how do I attach external textures to the individual material settings set up in Blender?

I’ve set up six(6) different material settings in Blender, and have six seperate textures (JPEG’s) from outside, and want to attache each of these to each individual material setting. Geez, I hope this makes sense…

Thanks for the responses guys…cheers:RocknRoll:

Do it by the following order: select the object, go to the materials panel and select one material, go to the textures panel and create a new texture. Go back to the materials panel and select another material and go to the textures panel and create a new texture. And so on… In the end, open the Outliner window and check to see the hierarchies of the object.

Hey folks

Thanks for the help. I finally managed to get it to work. Very easy once you get your head around it.

Thanks again for the input