Help needed -> BGE : Dark room / cave lighting

Hi folks,

I’m having trouble with the lighting in my scene, specifically in blocking out light inside rooms/caves.

I’ve got a sun and two hemi light set up, which work great for outdoor lighting (I’m working on a desert scene), however, when it comes to the interior lighting of the structures and caves that I’ve modeled, I can’t get the lighting to be dark indoors.

This issue is most evident when using the same plane for the ground indoors and outdoors.

The closest that I’ve gotten is by setting specular intensity to 0, and diffuse intensity of a wall material to very very low (i.e. 0.325).

However, this is something that I’d have to do to every material used within an area. The problem with that is, for example, if I want to build a cave out of rocks, I’d have to use a different material for the inner faces than the outer faces of each rock… and I’d have to keep this in mind with any future modifications. This applies to any objects that I’d want to have exist both indoors and outdoors.

From my current process, I can only imagine that the defaults (intensity of 1) are just way off what needs to be used, and that I’d need to set them really low on every material and then drastically increase the energy/intensity of all lights (sun included)?

Any advice & pointers would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Your Hemi lights are the cause I’m guessing. Which is fine to use for backside lighting.

One thing you could try is deleting the Hemi lights, change the Sun light’s shadow color to a dark blue (for backside lighting).

Or you could throw a point or area light in the cave, turn off the shadow, and make it a negative light. Just check the “Negative” box in the light’s settings and up the value to whatever’s needed.

Or try both

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

I’ve already tried the negative light and it doesn’t generate the desired effect.

I got rid of the Hemi lights and made the adjustments to the sun light and it works :smiley: I really appreciate the help!