Help needed! car windows show as blank ingame

I tried to ask help for this earlier and will put stuff needed to resolve this issue if needed, so the problem, as i have modeled this one car, at some point i have done something that has made the windows like basic mesh, cant see through, tho in game i can see outside but i dont know is there a way to even make the car so you cant see outside, but anyways here is photo of the car so you know something about the problem =)

If u need something like more pics etc etc just ask, im very happy to give info if it gets this resolved!

Edit: also the shadows inside the car are litle bit weird, VERY DARK inside of the car, but that may be caused by the game itself(assetto corsa)

Here is picture after rendering the car, and as you can see im a newbie so my problem might be just simple so if you have something that could fix this then ask and so on :slight_smile:

Edit: i played around with settings and got the glass to act as glass in blender but when i export it as fbx and open it up ingame the glass is white, maybe some setting or something else wrong on texture?
Also here is latest picture after putting the car to ingame kn5 converter

Anyone? plz :slight_smile:

what game engine are you using? you need to create special materials for that engine.

often time this has little to do with blender.

I actually dont know the engine, but the game is assetto corsa