Help Needed: Completely Lost!

Hi guys, I’m a newbie here at Blender Artists.

I want to make a FPS called “The Assassin.” In short you have to kill five people. It allows you to eliminate targets however you choose (exploding buildings, shooting them outright, throwing stuff, yada yada yada), but I’m completely lost. I’ve run into all sorts of problems.

For example, when I start making a simple avatar… I’ll just tell you the specifics. I try to make a UV sphere as a simple avatar with a plane for him to stand on, and I’ll color the plane red, for example. But whenever I press P for play I can’t even see the plane at all, so I have no idea whether my avatar is moving at all. This is my most urgent concern.

I have experience with Blender but I’m just getting started with the BGE. I don’t know how to model guns or people, or program events. If you guys could give me some ideas that’d be much appreciated.

My default scene has a cube, and a plane. I recommend you start with me! You could add a material to the plane and start the game (different colour than your cube). If you still cannot see it, go to Physics (very far right) and make sure ‘invisible’ isn’t checked. Also, make sure the face normals are facing the correct way (edit mode - w - flip normals). If your default scene doesn’t work I assume it’s a problem with your pc.

If you’d like further assistance please link to an uploaded .blend file using BlenderArtists system or :wink:

Your best bet is to watch a few tutorials on how to get the BGE running. You could spend forever just trying to figure it out yourself. Spending 30-60 minutes to see how a game should be setup will be well worth it. There are a few on BlenderCookie. There are also some very helpful tutorials written by Monster in the sticky threads.

Thanks, man. As far as I’m concerned the “invisible plane” problem seems to be doing all right. But I clearly need to get good at programming because I don’t have any enemies, stuff like a health bar or even a sophisticated avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are doing an FPS, my video series will show you basic and intermediate FPS setup with either logic bricks or python. View the playlist here, and choose the videos you need (some are on level design, which you may not care about)