help needed creating .igs export script

Hello i am new here
I am working on creating a set of python scripts that export .igs & .ia formats for a game, i would also like to create a script that reads the .ace texture format for the same game.

I have the header files that were given to me from the game coders to help create the scripts but i just do not know where to start.

the .igs format exports basic shape objects
.ia exports animated objects.

any help would be appreciated

Import and Export scripts are a large part of the blender python scripts collection, so there is a lot of help available. Here are some starters:

Blending into Python:
Export script tutorial for Blender (!!):

Roam around on those pages for a bit, it should get you started a long way. As I’m unfamiliar with .igs, I can’t help you without you asking more specific questions, so I hope you’ll get there!
Good luck.