Help needed for a quiz!! URGENT

Hi guys… Since blender artists is a very active community I though I’ll post this here… I am participating in an online treasure hunt and have been stuck on this since the last 2 days… I blasted past the first two questions but this one’s got me stuck…
here is what it looks like

I seriously have no idea about it but Reynard is a hotel, the name of a fox in some mythical story, and some person’s name too
Any help appreciated

Here’s my thoughts:
First I did an image search on google for both those images. Surprise, it’s a boot and a Gecko. Another google search for “boot gecko” brings up “Boot to Gecko (B2G)”, a Mozilla project “with the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the Web”. It was renamed to Firefox OS in 2012. As Reynard is the name of a fox in some european fables, I’d say the answer is “firefox” or “firefoxOS” or something along those lines.

Let us know what the correct answer is once you get it.

Thanks a lot for the help bro… that was encouraging, however firefox, firefoxos or boottogecko weren’t the right answers but your info is a bright lamp of hope in my lightless render of an empty cube(sphere rather… human skulls are spherical in shape)
I’ll bend my research in this direction…
Thanks a lot for your help

I LOVE YOU!!! Seriously!! The answer was mozillafirefox
Thanks a lot bro

P.S-I might post more question too… keep an eye out! thanks bro once again

okay now the next question gave me a crossword to solve… pretty easy… and this is the clue I got after solving it
looks like some code… I’ll get it cracked…
but again…
help will be appreciated as I dont have much time