Help needed for a simple question

(kristiina ) #1

Dear community, I’m a beginner in Blender and don’t know many of the functions and possibilities… I Need to make the upper part of the dress a bit longer to fit perfectly to the middle part. Unfortunately I have no idea which tool I should use to do that. I’m sure there is something. All suggestions are welcome!

(FlyingBanana) #2

Can you post a screenshot in edit mode? Cause the method I would do may not work for your situation your mesh may be too dense to just bridge edges in the “W” shortcut key.

(kristiina ) #3

This is how it looks in edit mode

(kristiina ) #4

Thank you, i tried it. It does not work in this case but it will for sure help me to solve my other problems :slight_smile:

(FlyingBanana) #5

Yeah I kind of figured the clothing mesh was super dense when I seen the pleats at the breast area. Out of curiosity did you sculpt the clothes? Or apply a modifier that caused the geometry to do that? Most cases any clothing is modeled along the mesh with pretty simple geometry then more added where needed, then after all happy with the way it sits on the body then modifiers can be applied.

(kristiina ) #6

Yes, sculpted and a modifier…

(JA12) #7

Select bottom edge, extrude down a bit, remove doubles and increase merge distance.
Then looptools addon: space, adjust options.
Then extrude all the way down, add loop cuts in between, put the extruded geometry in a vertex group, and use shrinkwrap modifier to get it to adhere on the surface of the object you want, limiting it to the vertex group. Perhaps applying the modifier(s) and sculpting some more after that.

(j) #8

There is though the option of making a retopology, “drawing” the mesh again less dense and with quads when the magnet tool is enabled and snap to vertex also. Wouldn’t take much of your time. But what do I know…

(JA12) #9

You don’t, no one else except the op knows where the model is at, and where it’s going.

Not the first time someone posts a “simple question” and then doesn’t provide proper information and support files. All questions on the forum are simple: how do I do X?, what is wrong with my mesh?, what is the meaning of life?. When there’s nothing provided to work on the problem those are equally impossible to answer without guesswork, only to be replied with “it didn’t work”.

What works is answering if there’s something to answer to, briefly to not waste your time, and if it “doesn’t work” no big deal, it’s not everyone else’s problem. So because the lack of information, your answer is good and valid.

(j) #10

Proportional scale on z axis to zero after joining the meshes and selecting top lowest area and highest area of middle area of body, I mean cloth. And I apologize of being harsh. Nice sculpting !

(kristiina ) #11

Thank you all for your help! I have learnt a lot :slight_smile: