Help needed for a star wars Project

hello my name is liam kisters

i want to recruit some people who are good with animation, making people who are good with making rpg games and people who are good with making weapons ,charachters enz. and someone who is good in making little movie scene’s and someone who is good with map making. I want to make a blender game and the theme will be star wars and it will be like a rpg
i want to make like 9 planets (may change) and they will be big and not giant your faction is always republic you can choose 3 classes (may change) trooper, jedi, or senator then you will have menu character customization and you will spawn somewhere and fight for the Republic against the separatists its a long project but it would be a good rpg if you help with our project you will be rewarded with a copy of the game your name will be in the credits and you will help debate about this game and how it is going to be. Say in the comment section or pm me if you want to help. goodbye :wink:


this is my first work not good but i just started that will be a hilt for a lightsaber

Did you take a picture Of the screen?..
jeje There is a button Impr Pant. its located near the F12 button. With that button you can take a “Screenshot” Its a screen Foto and you Go to paint and past it, Then Upladed it its faster :slight_smile:

i wouldn’t mind trying to do music (not sound design or dialogue recording because i already have my hands full there) for this project. here are some examples of my work:

ok cool :slight_smile:

thanks. would you mind if i did the music for this project?

ofcourse you could do the music

do you know anyone who also is good in blending if so can you ask if he can help

not really. i do some modeling but i only do well with simple machines and robots.

what do you think if we do little cutscene’s with videos of the movies or from the serie’s in the game ?

Sounds cool! love to help, but I’ve got my hands full :\ sorry :frowning:

i can help by making objects that might be used, mostly scenery. i could also possibly make a map and do character voices if need be :slight_smile:

Hey, here is a lightsaber i made up real quick

quick question, is this going to be made in blender 2.49, or 2.5?

2.49 may change if others got 2.5

np if you have time free you could help if you want and what are your skills ?

heres a screeny(far out) of the map thus far i still need to do texturing and shadow baking unless someone else would want to :slight_smile:

16k of faces? Auch :frowning:

what you mean ?

16k of faces? Auch

do you think it needs more?

Mm… nop I think it will need less…