Help Needed For Baking, Textures, Meshes for Export to Unity Game Project

Blender V2.75

Hello guys, I’m new to blender been doing a lot of tutorial work from youtube videos I found.
My friend is making a hobby game in Unity game engine and asked me to help with 3d models/animations.
I have zero experience except for this week of work and have made cups and clocks and hats etc (easy stuff).
I understand the modeling parts pretty ok, texturing somewhat ok, but baking not so ok.

Most tutorial vids and or help links are for rendering which include lights and shadows.


  1. My friend wants NO SHADOWS OR LIGHTING (or just a single light) in my end products, but I don’t know how to bake without the lights and get a clear texture bake.
    I found some sites, but the options in properties and in materials they had I don’t have in my blender v2.75 and so I’m lost.

  2. He griped or I should say unity engine griped at my end products because they are in too many parts. Even after I use CTRL+J to add them together. Unity says: too many mesh parts, it wants them all into 1. So I’m very lost on this.

  3. When working with planes to make a knife, I have issues finding the wire frame on planes, do I need to select triangle vertices?

Asking for help!

If one of you could make an updated tutorial for the problems I’m having and or are willing to tutor me for a bit, I’d be more than willing to maybe gift you a steam game or donate some money. I don’t have a lot of money but I know most things aren’t free in life.

Please help you smart guys!

Review - Need help with:
Texture baking with out shadows and possible no lighting, but want clear textures.
How to consolidate/condense meshes into 1 file for unity.
How to find wireframe in some base objects.