HELP NEEDED for Lip Syncing in Blender 2.5

I’m having trouble to do lip syncing in Blender 2.5. Every time i Google around it always ends up at Andy’s famous lip sync tutorial:

The problem is the file that I’ve loaded into “video sequence editor” in blender 2.5 does not produce sound when i scrub the timeline. I’ve already turned on the “sound scrubbing” but it also doesn’t work. im using a wave file with 1411kpbs bitrate. I dont have this kind of problem in blender ver2.49 but my team here is using 2.5. Can anyone help me please. :frowning:

The only thing I can suggest is reporting it as a bug, and checking the bug tracker to see if its been reported.

If its not a bug some dev or other will throw a hissy fit at you. But at least you’ll know.

I have some similar problem.
The sound plays while Alt+A and scrubbing. But when I do keyframing then the sounds doesnt play . need to do alt+A, but then it does not even plays. Then alt+A again adn then again. Then it finally plays after - 2- 3 Alt+A ( animation and sound both plays).
Then after adding few keyframes again everything get stuck.

IIRC you need to delete the audio cache and reload it every time you make any edits, also make sure to load audio to RAM not HD

This messed me up for a long time, You MUST check the caching box for each audio clip in the sound properties dialog on the right of the sequence editor, otherwise no synch no matter what you do.