Help needed for making a Grandma character

I’m busy with making a (short, 5-10 minutes) animation video. I started this project a few months ago and it has to be done before may. In the animation there is a grandpa looking character and a grandma looking character. I’m a noob in modelling characters so i found this blend: I succeed making a grandpa looking one and I started making the grandma, but I’m totally not happy with it, this is what I have now: grandma.blend (3.16 MB) . I mainly want the hair different and the face more looking old. Some examples from google: (this example has glasses, but I dont want glasses on this character :D), this example is VERY detailed but Im not asking you to make it this detailed xD:,
And you can find more examples by searching grandma cartoon on google.

My question:
Can you give me tips to achieve what I want, or do it for me? I will give you a credit in the end of the animation.
I want to give the animation video on a DVD to someone as present for something, its not gonna be published on youtube or something. Without any help I cant complete this animation and it really has to be done within a few monts.

help appreciated.



grandma.blend (3.21 MB)

Problem with grandma is, while age and gravity have taken a toll on her body, it hasn’t affected her face, which still has the smoothness of youth. Anyway, grandma.blend is pretty low poly, but I did what I could to put in the sags and droops that a good grandma should have.

PS: I moved the rig to layer 2. Also, aging also takes a toll on eyesight, which is why most old folks wear glasses. (See layer 3)

PPS: You’ll probably need to check and fix your face shape keys

Awesome!Thanks for helping me, I like the way you edited the face. I know it’s a low poly model, so I think I’m gonna to texture paint the face like a real skin.