Help needed for PlaneShift (GPL MMORPG)

I just found out about a nice game, much better then runescape, but still not done being made, that could use everyones help. Go to and find out about how you could help out with the game, or look around on the website at what it is all about. As I am 13 and cannot help (you must be 18 ) I wan’t the final release to come out as soon as possible! That is where you come in. I think that they need some coders, and I KNOW that they are looking for some 3D modellers
Here are the criteria:

Good modeling and texturing skills.
Knowledge of major 3D programs (3DStudio MAX, …)
Bent for medieval setting.

Let me know what you think, or better yet, let the people running the game know what you think. There are a lot of people here who could tremendously help out with this.

Thanks for your time

they kick cherppow or something? he was their best modeler and I haven’t heard from him in a while.

also, their final release is years away, it’s a constantly evolving game.

Edit: I think it’s over 10 years old already, went 3d a few years ago (was pen and paper before)

theirs plenty of mmorpgs better than rune scape knights online for example

Runescape does have poor graphics, compared to Knight Online. The problem is: to get access to all the features in those games, you have to pay for them. PlaneShift is free, for everything.

I would discourage ANYONE from contributing their artwork to Planeshift.

Most people don’t realize it, but planeshift has a terrible art liecense which literally enslaves your artwork. It is not free (as in free speech) like the GPL, or the MIT license, or anything… it is far worse than most proprietary licenses either. Let me make this very clear:

Planeshift’s art license is an agreement that you give exclusive rights to Planeshift. You are agreeing that you may never use the art for any purpose again.

Don’t believe me? Go here and read the license for yourself. The code might be GPL (a noble license) but the art and content license is pure tyranny. (It is even illegal in some parts of Europe.)