Help Needed For WW2 Fps Game (UPBGE)

So I set up the filter like BluePrint had it in the .blend demo and it doesn’t seem to affect the tracer. Did I do something wrong?

No clue, i’m not using it. Maybe an object setting you need to adjust.

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Okay I don’t think the bloom would work. So how would I do the bullet trail thing?

Okay I have one question…after testing with the script the bullet detection is better when it is no collision. But the drop is unrealistic. If I have it at rigid body or dynamic it’s detection is pretty unreliable but the drop is realistic. So what would I do?

google it for the tail, As for bullet, put it on no collision, and increase the scripts bullet drop to match your likings

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Ability to sight in Scope

Need help with:

Enhancing/increasing frames per second

WS = movemnt
Mouse = look
Left click = aim
Right Click = shoot
R = reload
Arrows = scope control


btw, does a GPU affect the game engines performance?

Yes and CPU too, but if you cpu can’t handle the gpu then the gain is small.

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i get 150-250 fps still, so it depends on what your targeting pc specs are. Sensitivity of the weapon is very low, should be increased, zoomed in is ok.

Zoom - shoot - reload, you then need to double activate the zoom option in order for it to work.

start fixing the errors:

Error: Python(Camera.001), Python module can't be imported
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\name\Downloads\SniperGame.blend\", line 9, in <module>
KeyError: 'requested item "BufferA" does not exist'
Error: Python.001(Leader), Python script error
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 16, in <module>
  File "", line 8, in main
AttributeError: KX_GameObject.worldLinearVelocity, is missing a physics controller


Read blend: C:\Users\name\Downloads\SniperGame.blend
  File "C:\Users\name\Downloads\SniperGame.blend\", line 47
    if ori.x &lt;= -0.6:

Also timers are heavy when they run, it’s way lighter to set timers to 0.0 every tic, when they aren’t used.

Fixing the errors and the timer should give you a performance increase, after that check if you are running bricks in true pulse mode that don’t need to run every tic, set them to like once every few tics.

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Okay so I fixed the sensitivity of the camera (replaced it with python scripts) fixed most of the errors and I instantly get 54-60 fps.

What do you want me to do exactly?

if you zoom in then shoot then reload and zoom in again it needs double activation

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