help needed in right display setting

Hello everyone, I need some help.

Downloaded and installed the most current version of blender.
My problem is, in object mode when wireframe is on, all the edges are displayed on seemingly smooth surfaces, even though the display all edges option is not set.

Like, when I’m adding a new cilinder, all it’s edges are displayed
-but, that doesn’t happen with cubes: added a cube,
subdivided it’s faces, and in object wireframe mode it displays without that many unnecessary edges.

So looked into it, and found that cilinders, drawn less then with 199 faces have this issue.
That is at about at 178,19° between faces next to eachother: [(199-2)*180°]/199.

I’m asking where to set this to a lower value?
I’m about to model from a cilinder with 180 faces, and all edges being displayed all the time doesn’t seem too clean to me.

Hi Lazur, I’m sorry to see you’re still struggling with this issue. Why does the wireframe view matter so much to you? Are you using it to wire screenshots to keep clients updated or something like that?

Anyway as I tried to say on the other post Blender is probably using the face angles to decide which edges to cull in the limited wire views. That is why the cylinders at a certain point are displaying/not the edges. In simple subdivision a cube face is divided into faces with no angle change i.e. normal vectors identical so those edges don’t get drawn… Anyway you understand all that, I am sure, but I have not come across any UI method to control what that breaking angle might be. Are you good at Python, you might be able to rewrite that script if it is accessible.

Thank’s for the reply.
Not that it’s a big deal, that’s for the same ongoing project with that 3D letter calligraphy.
Just it would produce a more organised look.

By the way I also realised that in that newest version
cilinders now can have 360 faces, which is actually much better than 180 faces for the part I’m working on.
Hopefully it will soon create some texturing related problems.