Help needed modeling plants


I’m requiring a hand with modelling 2-3 plants for an art project that will be shown at the end of the month at an art gallery in Dublin.

The main actors are:

The models don’t have to be extremely detailed as they will rather serve as illustrations but a certain level of naturalism would be good. This is a non-profit project but there’s a negotiable small fee and I will credit the 3D artist in the work.

Please get in touch if you’re interested, ideally with samples of your work.


I am interested in this project. I have one and a half years experience with Blender, and have been involved with payed projects before. I have attached links of various modeling projects that I have done, as a demonstration of my skills. If you like my work, then please feel free to PM me on BA, or contact me through my site:, so that we can further discuss details, such as the price and timeline. Thank you in advance for your time.
Ethan J. Biller
representing The Sick Charm Syndicate

I sent you a PM.

PM sent, please check it. Thanks.

I can do this, please PM me. Here is my portofolio

Hi everybody, thanks for your replies. I’ve found somebody to work on this with. Best wishes and thanks again - Sascha