Help needed modelling particular shape

I’m trying to model a 3 weave plait. It’s the only thing I’ve ever modelled that is driving me a bit mental.

My first attempt was just using 3 curves with a circle, and manually shaping them into a weave. It’s just turning out too wobbly, my brain can’t handle it.

I was wondering if any of you have an idea of how best / easiest to model this:

If there’s procedural way of doing it, that would be great.

It’s post pro on a short comedy film in case you were wondering why he’s got that stupid hat on.

I think I recall broken making a tutorial on how to make a braid using curve guides / particle hair. Perhaps it is in the tutorial section.

I had a look, couldn’t find that particular one, but found this one instead incase anyone else needs a braid tutorial

Thanks for your help.