Help needed: new graphics card

I’m planning on buying a new graphics card, to replace my old GF2 MX 400 that has 32mb of ram.

I’m looking for something preferably under 200?/$, that is good for both gaming and making 2d/3d art, so I’m open for recomendations :slight_smile:

GF4 MX 440

Cheap ass card, but it is a good upgrade from your GF2 MX 400


I bought 64 mb ATI Radeon 7000 last September, and it has already been back for service after only 9 months of use. They replaced outright though, were quick about it and replaced the 3 years warranty with a 5 year warranty. I liked my old NVIDIA tnt 16 mb better. I should have replaced it with a 64 mb NVIDIA card instead.

Gefroce FX 5900 :smiley:

Geforece 4 Ti4*00 series (Ti4200, 4400, 4600)

64Mb minimum :wink: and perhap 256Mb might help LOL

i bought a 128Mb Geforce4 ti4200 with tv out tv in DVI and VGA ports (three monitor suport in total)

it cost me $150 and that was 9 months ago so you should be able to get better for cheaper by now.


Don’t upgrade from a GF2 to a GF4 MX - they are basically the same chip!

The GeForce FX 5200 is quite cheap for it’s features.

I agree with alltaken. A 128 mb GF4Ti4200 costs 120 € here and will give you the best for that money. The fx5600 also cost less than 200 €, but I don’t know how good they are.

Either way, keep you fingers off of ATI cards.

I bought a Inno3D FX5600 128MB that works really good, I upgraded from GF2Pro 64MB. and I checked prices and performances, and this card (FX5600) was not much more expensive than a GF4 4200Ti, and I mean also by better drivers in time, the latter card (meaning FX5600) will sooner or later turn out better than GF4 4200Ti, since it has limited hardware compared to FX5600, it is like swapping to newer engine and better fuel, and not to forget, fuel at all! a Graphic Card without drivers is like a car without fuel, but a better fuel for the car makes also the car work better :D!

so make something out of that :wink:

cheers and good luck!

A very, very cheap Geforce FX 5950 (unreleased!) is enough :stuck_out_tongue:

How does a 3DLabs VP560 compare to these other cards. It’s got 64MB at about $130 @

I have also being thinking about upgrading my current piece of crap video card.