Help needed on making character cloth

Hi, im having some problems understanding how the cloth modifier should really be used, cause apparently I’m using it wrong, judging by the end result that is.

You can see my problem on this video i made:
Aria (Llianen) Lliane uploaded this video to

So, the problem is that at some point in the animation cloth and body fail to detect collisions correctly.

[in the image ‘Cloth quality=5’]

I’ve read a decent amount of threads about it by now and this are the things i made sure of:
[i used this settings in the video]

Both body and cloth have a decent amount of vertices in order the make the collisions more accurate.
Increased the body’s collision “outer” and “inner” to make collisions more detectible.
Increased cloth quality to 40 (makes baking and\or rendering painfully long)
Initially cloth has good space between it and the body, and it works good, as you can see in the first second of the vid.

I’d like some help on that.
I’d also like to know if blender’s ‘cloth modifier’ shouldn’t actually be used for this kind of animation, should i be using another method? If so, what?

Models used\created:

So many thing could be happening, really you’d need to post the blend. A couple quick things you could try.

  1. Make sure the scale is 1 (applied) on the character, and the cloth. If they’re not, weird stuff happens.

  2. Weight paint the cloth on areas that are more affected by the armature, and less by gravity. Tops of the shoulders, top of the amrs, hips. Theloose area at the bottom of the arms leave blue, as well as the bottom of the skirt. Call this weight painted vertex group, ‘pinning’. Parent the dress to the armature with automatic weights. In the armature modiifer, select the pinning group as the group that wil be affected by the armature. Move the cloth sim below th earmature modifer in the stack. In the cloth sim, add ‘pinning’ and pin that vertex group. So what happens is the armature moves those parts of the dress which are forced by bodily contact, and the cloth sim just works on the looser flowy parts.

If you still can’t get it working, post the blend, there are proabbly 30 things that screw this sim up, and a couple screenshots won’t help.

Thank you for the reply. Trying to implement the Armature on the cloth.

It’s not being easy to do, since the automatic weighting is not making a very logical bone-vertexes relationship, i need to do it manually. And i cant get it right, because there is no direct relationship between the body’s vertex groups and the cloth’s vertex groups. Since the armature affects each one individually, in many poses the body comes out of the cloths in some areas. It would be nice if the armature did not bypass the body-cloth collision physics.

I’ll reply when i have results.

Check the tool panel. I think there is some kind of ‘copy weights’ function that might help.

It can be hard to get this right. It’s in a zone halfway between armature weights and cloth sim. For real help you’ll need to post the blend.

One method is to duplicate the character object, delete the legs, end of hands, etcc. alt-s to scale it a tiny bit on the normals. Then manually move verts to make, in your case, flowy hanging arms. The weights/armature mod will have copied from the character so right off the bat the deforms will match well. Then try what I said earlier, creating a new weight painted ‘pinning’ vertex group for the parts that are affected by the rig and use that in both the armature modifier and the pinning section of the cloth sim. With the cloth sim coming after, below, the armature modifer.