Help needed shape keys

Ok i love the rigs like ludwig etc. the shape keys and all but i’m kinda dragging behind with the old move each bone technique instead of shape keys, which looks far more simpler to manipulate if harder to set up.

I was wondering how you set these things up. I can track the eyes to a point such as an empty ut its not that great or a little shape that won’t be rendered. But in ludwig you can move the eyes indepedantly together using the shape keys. I know you have to map the face and that but thats a bout it i cant get my head round it and require some assistance. I have studied certain rigs but in the ludwig file when i run it with blender 2.42 it doesn’t really show me any constraints or out. Its probably really simple i just cant get my head around it.



ya, some one post a tutorial cus i dont no how to do taht either, lol

You have a conceptual inexactitude. Moving eyes per your example is Drivers; one IPO Curve of an object can be used to drive an animation in another object(s).

Shapes are groups of vertices that are mover relative to the Object Center of the object they belong to.

Shapes (because they have IPO’s) can be driven by translations of other objects.

Goto the IPO window of the Ludwig blend and where it says Object change it to Shape. Select the Mesh (because shapes are a property of meshes), select one of the shapes (LMB on the name in the right-hand column so it turns white and shows an IPO) and hit N to bring up the TP tab. In the Top-left field is the name of the Object (or Bone if the object is an armature) that drives that shape, and to the right is the axis along/around which moving it will operate the Driver. Find that object, move it and see the shape move.

Now change that Axis from (let’s say) LocX to RotX and now rotate the object to get the shape to move.


are there any tutorials that are something like the making of ludwig cus i have to say, i like how he is set up

Calvin has written a few tutorials that cover some of the issues. Look for these in the tutorial section (and search for posts by Calvin).

One thing to understand with Ludwig is that a lot of bones are hidden by default. Select the rig in pose mode and press ALT-H to unhide bones and make sure you have all layers visible as I think some bones are on separate layers too. In some cases, the hidden bones will be the ones with constraints on them.

Thanks guys. Oh my… just checked ludwig like you said andy and now all is pretty much clear :open_mouth: dang that awsome. Truly greatful will take a look at the tutorial aswell.

Thanksa lot will come in handy for my new animation i plan on completing.