Help Needed: Special Effect

Ok well I want to make something like this:
Look something like this:

It has to be an object… it wont work as a background image…


The term you’re looking for is “aurora borealis.” It looks like you could make this effect using an animated, alpha-mapped texture mapped to the model you’ve already created. Please tell us what level of detail you need re: help? My immediate reaction is:

Okay, so open Photoshop/GIMP and make a texture that’ll tile width-wise, and has that “more opaque at the bottom, less opaque at the top” look, with some variation in density. UV map your object, and create a new material. You’ll probably want the material to ignore lighting and/or be self-illuminating.

If you need to animate it, maybe create multiple textures and animate their alpha/UV coords so they move over eachother on the object?

Without knowing more about your scene and what you’re trying to do (still? Animated? Composited with real footage?) I can’t say more than that…

I would think about particles with customized halo materials, possibly following a curve, then tweaked in the node editor with a glare node…if you want animation. I find that animating a scene even for a still can help you find the best composition, and get that “moment in time” look.

Yeah well I want it to be a still picture. Also the picture I gave you about the green thing… it was just to be an exsample… What I had in mind a bit more was like not a Y axsis stripes but more like a blue like wave thingy moving along the X axsis… I hope you get the idea… It has to be like so you can see the objects behind it can still be seen. I hope you get what I mean. Also my Blender skills arent professional… I don’t have cash to spend on programs like photoshop (if GIMP is free then GG thats good news). If possible then maybe a video tutorial with step by step guideance for noobs :stuck_out_tongue:


I would go simple, render your object with a nice and simple ramp, then play in the compositor with directional blur and glares, and some other stuff

I’d do that if I knew how to…


Do you want it to look like this?

Yes thats exsactly what I’m looking for… but I want it so I can controll the way they look… on that pic it looks like they are just randomised


MAN! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I wish I could help you, but i believe this was all photoshop-done. I will try to come up with an answer, but for now…


tHE BEST I COULD COME UP WITH: (OOps caps lock was on…)


that psp background is basically a bunch of fractals–HERE is something similar.
it was created with a freeware program called apophysis, which seems to give good results
i couldn’t figure it out last time i tried it, though
there isn’t any good way to do that easily in blender that i know of, though

Yah, Blender can’t make trippy fractal images…not!

I whipped this up in 5 minutes. If you spent some time using techniques like these you could get something really nice.


curvesandhalos.blend (971 KB)

ok, ok, NOOBIE, sure you can get some decent results, but what you’ve got there is a wireframe mesh.
not a fractal.
look, i’m not putting down blender, but i am saying that there are better tools for this particular job.
and yes, there are fractal generating scripts for blender, but they’re written in python, which make them slow for this job.
and blender is not very fast at rendering millions of halos.
all i’m saying, is use a tool that’s meant for the job.
especially since it’s for a still image, not an animation with camera movement or movement of the object.
then again, it’s amazing what people can do with an image mapped to a plane…

regarding the question in the first post: This is surely doable. even animated. It just needs particles rising. I would say two sets of particles would be enought. Just rising billboards… fading alpha value… the second particle system for some highlights…
…then a bit of nodal postproduction…glare, glow and so on … :wink:

this is really a nice project to try… :slight_smile:

Have you seen:


So basicly your telling me I should just do the whatever i wanna do in blender… save the render… and edit it with a program witch is meant to do the stuff im looking for? Sounds simple but 1. I don’t have such a program and I’m low on cash so I wont be buying one… 2. I have no idea how to use that kind of program I need 3. I’m not even sure on how to explain what it is I’m looking for and I cant find anything similar to it.

PS: I say yes to illegal downloading


Wow N00BIE, very professional looking. I downloaded the blend and it had lots of stuff I can wait to learn. Your name gives you now credit, I’ll have to be like you and read the blender wiki someday…I’m most interested in how you made the particles that were the sharp, thin red lines, if you could PM me that so we don’t waste forum space, I would appreciate it.

As for your issue KennyEST, I’m at a loss for this. Your best bet is colorbands, but you don’t know what they are? That could lead to some problems. I’ll try to explain it. In the textures windows, when you are assigning a texture to an object, you can color it with colorbands. See images below. You can use them to change the color and alpha of different parts of the object they are assigned to. With this, you can make the top of the plane opaque, but the bottom fade to see-through, as in the example screenie
It’s not the best example, I did it in like five minutes, but I hope it helps. :slight_smile:


I found a poster or a billboard if you like to call it that… and it had exsactly what I’m looking for on it… I will take a picture of it tomorrow and upload it here…


Ok well this is basicly what I want… Only that you can see through the blue wave.