Help Needed: Spinning a Wheel While Turning it

I’m new to Blender and for my class project I am creating an animation of a jeep driving on a road. Currently I am working making it turn around a corner using a path, but I am having great difficulty with the wheels. I want the two front ones to spin and turn and the back ones to just spin. But when I try to do that they rotate and turn on the wrong axis’ and it really frustrates me. I’m in grade 10 and I really need help. Thanks:o

You need to control the turning of the front wheels with empties. Animate the rotation of the front wheels the same as for the back wheels. Then add an empty for each of the front wheels in the same position as the wheel. Now parent the wheel to the empty (select the wheel shift select the empty and press Ctrl-P). You turn the wheels by turning the empty and the wheels will spin normally.

Thanks :cool:, I’ll have to look up tutorials on how to do that. I’ve never used an empty before