Help Needed to Develop a Stadium

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

For my sports business & management course, I am to present a business plan for a startup professional sports team. I am a graphic designer and illustrator at heart and have just begun to get my feet wet in Blender. As I am still learning, my skills are not on par to the absolute quality I see on here and need something of sufficient quality to what I’m seeking to present to “prospective investors” aka my class/professor.

The main ask is to create a 3d concept for a renovated to Allan Lamport Stadium. It must not be an entire knockdown, and rebuild of the stadium (for cost saving), but an opportunity to upgrade the 45 year old stadium, fan and player experience.

I would’ve put this in paid, but I don’t have the budget for that. It’s would be moreso a compensation/thank you payment. I can provide more detail upon request, but here are some Blender inspirations:

Stadium in the Suburbs

Thanks in advance for reading/replying.

I would be glad to help you in your project, but I’m really busy in these months. What’s your deadline?

Thank you… especially for the response! (Considering I loved what you created) February 7th is the deadline date.

If you are available, send me your email and we can correspond further. Thanks again.