Help needed to understand GPU Watt draw

MacPro 2012
MacOS Catalina / Windows10

GPU Sapphier RX 5700 XT rated as using 241 Watts (connected with 2x PCIe power + Sata to PCIe cables)

AMD Radeon Pro Render

As you can see in the AMD software the card seems monly to however around 160 Watts and sometimes go to around 190 Watts but not close to 241.

Does this mean the Mac cannot supply the needed Watt while the MHz the card is listed at is reached?

I am a little puzzled.

It does not necessarily mean that. The specifications value is the power consumption that the card can reach under conditions of maximum power consumption.
For example, my nvidia GTX 960 in the specifications shows 160W, but it never passes the 75W while render in Cycles, and reaches 120W peaks with Eevee.

Ah that is interesting to hear.

I am madly impressed with how silent this sapphire 5700 xt runs under full load.

My MSU gtx 970 are a lot seriously a lot louder