Help Needed: trying to create a filigree mesh - I'm lost!

HI Everyone -
I am trying to create a filigree mesh in blender to then import into sketchup to use for a personal project.

So far I have my flat designs imported from Inkscape and in following a tutorial have gotten them centered on the origin.
The tutorial is from Ben Simonds from a blog post from 2009/07/06

What I am trying to do next is change the defresolu and then extrude each design.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to do this and the tutorial skims it like it should be easy/the buttons ought to be there.

I don’t see these options anywhere.


What is referred as “DefResolU” in Ben Simonds tutorial is now on Curve Object Data panel Shape: Resolution Preview U which by default is 12.
Lower the value while checking point amount and curve smoothness needed. Uncheck Handles and Normals on N-panel to better see curve.