Help needed with 'Bake sound to F-Curves'

I am trying to create an audio visualizer for a song. There are 80 blocks that make up the visualizer, each representing 250 hertz of sound. The first represents 0-250 hertz, the second 251-500 hertz and so on. When I right click on the first block and click ‘Bake Sound to F-Curves’, it works as I had expected, but when I do the same thing with the next block, it only and always is 50% the height of the first one, no mater how loud that group of frequencies in the song really is. This happens with all of the blocks, meaning that from the first to the last, they create one curve that resembles a diagram of a half-life.

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong? if you do please reply and try to help me, i would be very grateful if you could!

Thanks for the help, I really didn’t expect anyone to go into as much detail as this!