Help needed with CG Texture's Rope Tutorial.

I am hoping someone around here could help me
figure out how to do this tutorial over at

Creating a rope texture.

I got every thing figured out except the part where
you have to Twist a bunch of tubes around.

Here is my object.

Rope.blend (498 KB)

If you just want it to “look” like a rope you don’t need anything more than a cylinder and a material/texture that looks twisted (image tile). Otherwise, use spin to rotate the surfaces - but that’s overcomplicated.

if you want to create a texture, like in the tutorial, you have to twist your object:
you select all upper vertices (in left view, for example);
activate “Proportional edit mode” - linear falloff;
rotate 45° along Z and adjust the area of falloff so that the first loop, the lower, does not rotate.

or another method:
add a cube with same height like your rope;
select the rope and add a “Mesh deform” modifiers;
in “object” field select the cube and click Bind, and wait;
select cube, select the upper 4 vertices, and rote along Z 45°;

same result, in second mode more control.

I hope this help you
and sorry for my english.


Thank you.
@ nukkio
The "Proportional Edit set to linear falloff worked perfectly.
Here are a few images.