Help needed with creating a metal sheet jacket

Hello all! I have started using Blender again after years of no interest and am stuck on the last part of my model.

This is my model as it stands.\

(this model is after a physical model of the same that I bought in Turkey earlier this year)

As you can see it is a figure holding a bass that, once completed, will look like it’s been created from pieces of metal. There is a jacket that will go around my figure and I’m seeking help on creating the jacket. The jacket will be a thin piece of metal (like the bass) but will obviously wrap around him. What’s the best method to do this?

If you don’t feel I have explained this well enough please just say and I will post a picture of the physical model I am modelling this after.

one way to make clothing is to select vertexes from the person wearing the clothes, duplicate them, alt S them a bit ( scale along normal ) then use the knife tool to tailor the edges. another way would be to use the retopo tool, and, also, I think a couple of people have been fooling around with softbody clothing for animated meshes as well.

But as you can see I can’t do the first due to the body being… well, a tube.

Could you explain the second one to me. Do you think that would be a good approach to it? Remember that the jacket is a thin piece of metal that doesn’t hang.

there is an explanation of the retopo tool in the release notes for 4.0 or somewhere around there. It allows you to use one mesh as a form to create a new mesh on top of. like a shoe, or hat form.