Help needed with crouch bounds

Hello my fellow blender users,

I’m working at a 2D shooting game right now. My character can walk, run jump and crouch. I used the collision bound system of the third person template. Everything works fine, but I got one little problem. When I want my character to crouch, I want it to have any effect (duh :p), but the collision box remains the same. I wanna use a smaller collision box so my character can dodge objects, but how do I change the collision box in-game only when I’m crouching? Here’s the link to the blend file.

oops … nevermind

bump… help needed here

I tried to replace the collision object’s mesh with a smaller mesh but it didn’t work. But this will: add an LPO to the mesh that pulls the two top vertices down in 2 frames or so, then set the collision method to convex hull.

While experimenting with this, turn on game->physics visualisation