Help Needed With IK Chain Setup

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with an IK chain setup for my rig. I’m going for a smooth transition from the front controller to the back controller with a pole target to define the curve direction as shown:

The problem is that if I rotate the front controller along the Z axis, the whole chain rotates violently and renders the pole target essentially useless:

I if I uncheck “rotation” in the IK constraint this problem goes away but I lose the smooth transition to the front target:

Is there any way to avoid this violent twisting while maintaining the smooth transition to the target bone? I attached the blend file if it helps.
IKTest.blend (649.9 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m not seeing any twitch on the animation you have in the file. Was I supposed to?

The only twitch I see is when it crosses the pole target. In which case the solution is, put the pole target somewhere else, possibly, dynamically.

Thanks for the reply!

The problem Is not a twitch but a rotation. When I rotate the front controller the chain rotates sideways away from the pole target. Here is a blend file with the controller rotated:
IKTest1.blend (649.9 KB)
The chain should be pointed toward the pole target but it points sideways instead. Are you aware of any solution for this?