help needed with raceing game!!!

Hello i trying to make a raceing game and i made my car model animated some stuff made te whell’s turn.But still have some stuff i liked to work out.
Is it posiple to make my modle car move from slow to fast when i press up button and when i relize it to go from fast to slow with logic bricks if you understand me to go to maximum speed then gracefully slowdown and then stop.
I made the front well’s move left and right when you press left or right button but i want the car to go left and right when it is in the move.As i made it now the the car can move left or right when your not going,when your just stanind there.
That all the problem i have for now am i hope understand what i meant to say and i hope you can help me.But to make this even more clear here is the blend file of it it is not textured yet haha.

Instead of using dLoc to move the car, use Force. If you want to do the same with the turning, use Torque instead of dRot.

yees,tryed it but it dosent work can somebody look at the locik brikc that i put are they made would helpfull please some one

I checked the file. The logic bricks are fine, but in the file you use the dLoc value to move it. This makes it move in tiny increments at a time; it doesn’t actually give it a speed or force or anything. In order to accomplish this, you need to set the force value(see diagram below)

[EDIT] You may also need to change the dampening and friction values.

To get a car that has a maximum speed, you need a movement damping of around 0.9 or something.

Yeeees i see now i tryed that one at the fisrt time when it didnet work,i didnet put Actor and Dynamic that why it dident work.But now i have a ew problem the car is bouncing how to i make it dont do that?Also where do i set this damping is this it (see diagram below).

  1. Yes, that’s the right damping. The damping on the right is for rotation.

  2. To fix bouncing, add materials to all objects involved.


New problems occured please help :smiley:

  1. I tryed to make my car jump of the half-pipe so i made the half-pipe but it dosent go sticked to the ground if you now what i mean.Here is a pic and a blend file of it so you can understand what i mean.
    2)Also i need to find the way to make a.i.I wanted to make the enemy cars follow empty at the end of the track but they bump into wall they dont know when turn left or right.So i found out that you need to use Ray sencors so they can know where is the wall and when to turn (that how i understund it :smiley: )But i dont know how to use sencors so if someone can explaine it to me just the bacis how to set it up or give me a link to a good tutorial about it that would be great.
    Again sorry for the bad english i hope you can help me!!!
    [EDIT]The download file will be a .html so just rename it to .blend it will work then.

Turn on Rigid Body; RotFh; select Bounds, Box; Turn the Form value up.

Hmm i tryed it but dident work the car is going like crazy it’s jumping everywhere and it is not contoled it’s bouncing also.

What version of Blender are you developing the game on? 2.36 is usually what everyone seems to prefer (at least all the serious game developers that I have encountered). I have noticed that bouncing occurs when you are working with any version 2.37a and higher, that I couldn’t control. Running on 2.36 seems to clear it all up.