Help needed with texture atlas, diffuse and emission maps

Hey! I am new to Blender but I received a task from a gaming company for a position of 3d generalist. I need to build up a scene according to the concept, then texture it with 1 texture atlas. I can use only 1 material for the whole scene, 1 diffuse map 1024x1024 and 1 emission map 512x512. I need to avoid individual mapping.

I copied colors from the concept in Photoshop, plugged this jpg file into the base color using the image text node, then unwrapped each model to the respective color. From there I have trouble:

As I understand, a diffuse map is basically color info, why do they ask for a texture atlas and diffuse map if I have a separate image with colors? Do I need to bake a diffuse map and use it instead of jpg file with colors? How do I go about the texture atlas?

According to the concept, I need to add some sort of gradient glow to my character, light from the motorcycle lamp, and background. If I try to play with emission, the whole scene lights up because I have 1 material. Also, I can’t change my meshes separately as it affects the rest of them (for example I have a road that needs to be rougher, a motorcycle that needs to be more metallic, etc). How do I go about it?

Sorry for the silly questions, any help is appreciated!

I might be misunderstanding your situation, but shouldn’t you be asking your employer these questions? We, as random people, do not know what your employer is looking for, so we can’t really give you accurate information. When you have questions about the specifics of your job, you should generally talk to your manager or supervisor first

Welcome :tada:

… you might don’t want to hear this… but if you don’t know that the diffuse map is the texture atlas for this kind of textureing a complete scene and that you should not use a JPG for this… and if you have no metalic nor roughness map and you havn’t heard of channel packing with additional custom shader to achieve this…

… then ( oh my… here it comes… ) you might be not suited for this game company 3D generalist job ? :person_shrugging:

Or… the company does understand something different under this term than you… ( yes sometimes it’s just that… different “special field language” )

general → common, ordinary, (handyman), [ something in almost everything ]
general → universal, all-over, mutlidirectional (genius) , [ only something not in everything else ]

Don’t get me wrong… because sometimes even pros ask here to get the one or the other little trick… or just don’t see those little bit what is breaking everthing up… and sometimes even just formulating the question gives the hint… or just some unbiased eyes to see something like: you have some overlapping geometry there… or this little bit of" this was changed in version x.y

You’re completely right, but my goal here is to finally finish this task and get some feedback+add it to my portfolio. It’s just good practicing but I got stuck with maps/adjusting every mesh separately and basically can’t move on…

… but that’s the task to do for a mapping via an texture atlas… planning of what to need and then arranging accordingly…