help needed

whats up to everyone. i started using blender a year ago, and like what you can do with it. i have teamed up with a person to write scripts, i mainly do rigging (cheap but effective) and am looking for people to team up on character modeling and terrain modeling. any short films made will be posted at

I believe this sort of thing should be in the General Forums, probably Off-Topic Chat? We like to keep the Artwork forums for, you know, artwork. :wink:

actualy i DO BELIEVE that since this is a work in progress i have posted in the correct spot. off topic is more for things not related to blender or cg

Ha, Nice comeback. Depending on what you want, I’d probably be up for some modelling. I’m better at character than terrain. but I’ll give anything a go.

as there are 100’s of requests like this its hard to get someone to join you wthout providing any solid examples/scetches or concepts for the work

just thought u should know

i have a script called ‘THE MAN UPSTAIRS’ i have som ok human models, but the mouth movements suck. i have al the buildings completed, and scenes completed. for this animation im looking for help on the mouth movements, and possibly better looking characters, actually more realistic looking humans. if you look at my avatar, that is the quality of my people. i need a better looking older couple, a 19 year old baby sitter, clowns, and little kids.