Help Needed

Good evening,
I am currently programming a browser based MMORPG. I am a 3d artist myself, but I simply cannot do the programming and the modeling part at the same time(i can but it takes too long and with current speed, the game won’t be done until after the New Year ). It will be an absolutely new kind of browser based MMORPGs(at least on the american web). So, I am looking for an artist whom I can trust and rely on.

A little background info:
It is a fantasy themed game(that’s a shocker ). It will be using static images for pretty much everything(no animation whatsoever). All of the items and (locations?) are going to be in 3d, while characters can be either 2d or 3d. Models/images shouldn’t be super detailed at all, it just needs to look good, that’s all :slight_smile:

At first, you will get an unbelievable amount of artifacts(!!!) and as the game goes on, profit will be made.
For details, PM me.
Your help will be greatly appreciated!


I will be posting my progress, to prove that this is not a waste of time, if you consider to help the project.

Good Stuff. It is so neat to have folk use their iniative to bring to the community fantastic projects such as you are proposing. I simply cannot wait for it to be completed!

Meantime I can’t help as I am too tied up with other things . . . but I do wish you best of luck!

Have a great day!

Kbot, thank you very much for your kind response!
I do hope that this project will be the kind of game, that will be interesting to almost everybody. And that’s the main idea of my game, everyone has to have fun! I want to make it so anybody at any time could log in, fight in a couple of battles, gain some xp and chat with friends and of course, buy some items:D

I am aware, that i cannot be considered a real member of this community, for i haven’t participated in discussions/activities a lot. And therefore, this topic might seem fishy. That’s why I am going to be posting progress of my game, until i put it on the web. That way, I can prove that it is real

Here’s the layout of the UI. I’m going to be working on the design of it during this week, I’m hoping to finish it. The empty area on the bottom of the window is going to be a chat, where you’ll be able to chat to anybody online at the time. I will be posting more, soon.

what are you developing in?

Can I suggest Director 11.5 if you’ve not yet considered it…