help// never mind. all good. :)

ok im using the sequence editor to make a fluid simulation etcc…

bbut i accidently deleted the sequence editor scene.? lol…
can some one tell me how to get it back>??

Removing one of the slashes from a poor title does not improve it. Look, shannon, you are, in effect, writing a classified ad by titling your thread. You want people with expertise in your problem to look at your post.

A generalized “Help me!” basically says you are a noob with some petty problem that you should be able to figure out on your own, or with a reference to the wiki. While this may or may not be true in your case, no one will know your case unless they actually read the thread.

Getting people to read your post is what you should be trying to do with your thread title, since it is the ONLY thing everyone sees.

You are looking for people who either

  1. have had exactly the same problem and know exactly which button you should push, or not push.
  2. are experts in the particular area who like solving a knotty problem. “help//” attracts neither.

Use a phrase from your post. “Sequence Editor scene accident” or “Fluid Sim problem” would get you a lot more advice from people who actually know what they are talking about.

If you edit the first post, use Advanced, you can change the title.

go to a place like,, or and get a file recovery program. and see if you can undelete it, if you’ve been using your computer quite a bit since the deleting good chance you may have overwritten the file. (for those who don’t know doing a simple delete of a file does not remove it from your desk. all it does is removes the file’s entry and tells your machine that diskspace is available for writting to).

Mr. D

If you are useing windows have you look in the recycle bin Or gone into the command line and undelete the file. I hope this help and you get back you file