Help, new objects added don't appear!

I have no clue what happended, whenever I try to add a new object to the present project, none of them appear in the 3d view, even though I can adjust/scale them in the menue. What happended?? Even I e.g. delete all current objects and then e.g. add a cube, it doesn’t appear anymore. Hope it’s not corrupt, took me quite some time getting to this point :frowning:

Can you see the 3d cursor? Try hitting shift-c and c (center cursor view all and then view cursor) and then add the thing.

Nope. I can see the cursor, and all objects are gone and even new ones are not visible. Even the grid doesn’t show even though it’s selected. Arrgh.

Grid is selected? I don’t know what do you mean by this.

But go to outliner and check if all objects are visible (there should be an eye icon next to their name). Or press Alt+H in 3d view.

If you don’t see the grid, check camera settings, especially clipping range (3d window header > View > View Properties).

You may have accidentally switched your view to another layer by typing one of the number keys at the top of the keyboard (type ~ to show all layers) or you may have accidentally gone into “local” view, where only one object will show by pressing the slash key on the numeric keypad (another slash undoes this, it’s a toggle.)

Hope this helps.