help new to blender

I just got blender and I get this message what does it mean, how can I fix this, Thanks[/img]

Nothing you should worry about, I had it since Blender was DL’ed on my computer and everything works. Might be something from Blender’s past but I don’t know.

first: blender always starts with a console window

second: both lines are normal

third: the second line indicates that blender can’t find an install of python 2.4, this can usually be ignored because blender comes with enough python to run most scripts [probably all of the ones that come with it, and many you might download]

if you encounter an error on an import statement when you try to run a script install python 2.4 from


I am new to Blender too and was baffled by the console window. However, as suggested, it would be better to download and install Python onto your machine.

You can grab Python from here: