Help NEWBIE here

hello all my name is QS. I started using blender a couple of months ago. I hv done most of the basic tutorials eg sword, coke bottle etc
I have been looking for ages for a good tutorial which shows you how to create a character and clothes etc. I have only found one good character tutorial which is the joan of ark one but it is hard to follow. Could someone maybe give me advice on how i would start creating a charcter ( which when i get better i will be adding to a game) or give me step by step instructions or even point me in the direction of a easy to follow tutorial.
Or it would be great if you could help me follow the instructions on the

basically how do Apply “Edit Mesh” and Collapse Stack ( if you could help me get through the first 3 steps i should be able to manage it from there) I did try the first couple of stages but made a mess


Maybe you can wait for the release of BlenderArt Magazine

Apply “Edit Mesh” and Collapse Stack are 3ds max terms so not applicable in blender , i thyink its because in 3ds they are starting with a primitive shape then they have to convert it into a mesh with apply edit in a modifier stack type set up and then collapse the stack is like applying the edit modifier. That aside in blender all you need to do on the defualt cube is press the tab key and you will be in edit mode and then able to carry on with the tutorial

Hazza- your avatar- IT MOVED.I just never realised that.

Just to repeat this, this is a max tutorial, not a blender one.

yeah that is the problem

do you know of any blender tutorials like that???

thanks Hazza I will try that but i propably won’t get far knowing my luck

thanks teragone and IanC

To ‘collapse stack’ I assume it means apply all modifiers. Hit the apply button next to the modifier.

For the cube, just add a cube, its automatically a mesh.

thank you so much i will try that tommorow
if i manage to create that model i will try and do a tutorial or it for blender