help newbie

hey i just got the program and have been trying for a few hours to do any thing at all, i was amazed by all the fantastic pictures you experts come up with and i know i’m not going to be doing any of that stuff quite yet but i cant figure out how to do anything could somebody send me a super detailed tutorial of something or tell be some basic things i should know because im very frusterated that i cant make anything with a program that has unlimited potential
if you can help at all e-mail me at [email protected]
i will apriciate any helpful messages

Some nice tutorials at:

And here on Elysiun too :slight_smile:

Welcome to blender. In case of need, just ask.


And if you’ve got extra dough to fork over, you can buy The Blender Book by Carsten Wartmann. (It’s about $10 cheaper at

I bought it and it’s pretty good. :slight_smile:

Those links don’t work. -_-’

Well yes, after two years, some people change their site around, or drop out of the web, or …

ingiebee’s link just changed to

In any case, I’d suggest you go to the official documentation first. Links are pretty well situated at the top of this forums in sticky threads. I’m sure you can find them.