Help! No render output node in scene! Urgent!

I am creating something that must be complted tonight, and when I render, it says no render out put node in scene! how to add render output node! help!

Add / Output / Composite
Add / Output / File Output

now it turned out blank!


help! me! !!!

With what ?

Do we have to rely on just our imagination or telepathy ?


Please don’t blame Blenderjunkie for not knowing stuff that is NOT obvious at all.
The solution to the issue is pretty simple provided you know it.
Unfortunately several Blender’s features are hidden so well that even experienced users have to ask questions.
This situation is the perfect example.

Someone just wants to render the scene and he encounters problem. Blender’s answer is meaningless, because it only answers: “Ha. You got a problem :slight_smile: Now guess what to do. I have several hidden features, just pick one…”

Ok, so here goes the solution:

If you simply want to have your render without any compositing do this:

When you turn it on - Blender assumes you want to do some compositing, so it will render the scene, then do the compositing magic and output the result to file.
In such case you need the output in compositing and some image that is connected to it:

You need this:

@RichardMarklew I understand your anger. Please forgive me for my simpleness.
@BartekSkorupa Thank you! Helped immensely! I forgot about the image node. I am a noob, who forgets things often.

To be fair Bartek, just posting “Help” isn’t really conducive to informing people what the problem is. i would have said something similar if i’d responded before Richard.

At least you recognised his problem from the information given, so its all good :slight_smile: